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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekend Book Report #8

Well by the title of this post and most post lately, one would think all I did was read. Which is kind of true. If you haven't noticed I'm a BIG reader. As my hubby says though he has no idea how I get through so many books, because most of the time he finds me asleep with the book in hand.

As for lately not much has been going on. Was kind of down and out with an infection last week. I think I'm on the mend now. Also it is the start of fall sports. So that means trying to get to as many of middle school football games as possible for The Boy. Also there been a lot of struggle with getting him to go to practice and get homework done. As for the practice we've told him that it's okay if doesn't like it, but he needs to finish the season.

There's been some crafting. I ripped out a whole side of the sweater I knitted. I've re-knitted it to where I was. I got one block done on new wall hanging. And I helped my sister make some kitchen hand towels. Which I think turned out awesome. We also made some potholders. We weren't impressed with them. I'll probably make some like that for myself at home, but they didn't turn out as nice for gifts.

As for books a got a couple finished and started a few more. Again no pics of the books. But there are some in the bookshelf over on the side. I'll leave them up there for a while.

First off I read Kiss the Girls by James Patterson. This is the second book in the Alex Cross series. This is a very popular mystery series. There has been a movie made of this one. In this one Alex's niece has been kidnapped and it has been linked to a serial killers crimes. Alex gets involved and ends up on the hunt for two serial killers on opposite sides of the country. I'd give this a good three stars. I wanted to find out the ending . . . but don't need to add it to my library at home or read it again.

The other book I finished was Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert. This is an auto-biography. In her memoir Melissa talks about her childhood and struggles in adulthood. I loved reading this book. Four stars.

Well I hope to be back soon with some more craft stuff. But one never knows what life going to throw at them. Hope everyone is having a good start to fall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend Book Report #7

Well things have been busy around here and I've been lazy on top of that. We had a great labor day weekend. We went up north, we went 4-wheeling and played in the mud. Last weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary, so we celebrated by going to the Renaissance festival. Had a great time as usual. Down fall was that the food prices have gone up, but vendor cost seem to be normal.

Okay on to the books. There's been a lot of books read. Not all of them noteworthy, so I'll just briefly mention them. I also didn't get a lot of pictures of them either. So you'll have to excuse the lack of pictures in this post. I'll try and get some of the current reads for you and post them later.

First up was To Wed a Wicked Prince by Jane Feather. A romance novel. Book two in a trilogy. I give it one star.

Next was Wild Card by Lora Leigh. Another romance novel this one high on the smut. This is a book in a series I believe called Elite Ops. This one had a little more of a store line as well. Man goes on Navy Seals mission. Does not come back, his wife has been told he died. In truth he's still alive and had been captured. And he goes and creates a new identity. Two stars.

Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey into the Amish by Sue Bender. This is a non fiction book. It's about the author's journey, to figure out why she is drawn to the Amish. It was an okay read. I did give it two and half stars. But could see it given more at a different point in my life. Right now I just couldn't take the messages and apply them to my life right now.

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. This is book three in the Mercy Thompson series. This is a fantasy series. In this book Mercy is trying to help Zee her former boss and mentor, when he is arrested for murder. Mercy is also forced to choose between the two males in her life. Four stars.

I also picked on On the Prowl. This book contains 4 short stories by four different authors. All of them are fantasy. I had picked this one up for a specific story in it. It was Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs. It is the set up another series. This one is based on Charles whom we meet as a back ground character in Moon Called. I read some of the other stories they were okay. Over all I'd give this book three stars.

Now this past weekend I read Seven Sisters by Earlene Fowler. This is book seven in the Benni Harper series. This is mystery series. They are very light reads. Benni is women who is very curious and finds herself involved in all sorts of mysteries in her town. In this one Benni's step-son finds himself in love and going to be a parent, so when the two families get together to meet and discuss things. Someone ends up dead. I'd give this book three and half stars.

I also tried reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. This is a fiction novel. From what I did read this story is about a man and his young son as they travel southwards after some devastating event (end of life as we know it kind of event). I'm not really sure what happened. It would be a quick read. But it was just a little too down for me, with not enough back round information. One star.

I hope everyone is having a good September. Can you believe that we are half way through it already?!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pleasant Home

Well just stopping in to let you in on a little news.

Jodi has created a new home for her blog. It used to by Simply this that and the other. Her new spot is Pleasant Home. And to celebrate she has been having an open house party. Today there's giveaways to 4 online fabric stores. So go check out her Needle little inspiration page.

Well I'm off for a 4 day weekend. I'm so excited. Here's hoping that everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.