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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Book Report #17

Well I hope that everyone is having a good weekend. For us it's back to being a little chilly. Hopefully it won't last long. Sorry for the lack of crafty post. I'm hoping that my hubby works on fixing my computer this week. I've been busy backing up everything so he can do a reformat and hopefully clear up the issues with it.

Well this past week I finished this book:

Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie (Perennial Classics)

Giants in the Earth by Ole Edvart Rolvaag. This would classify as a fiction novel. It was written by a Norwegian immigrant about Norwegian immigrants as they settled in the Dakota territory. If you loved the Little House books growing up you would love this book. It takes a more adult look at the pioneer life. I did find that last part of the novel a little choppy and thought it ended very abruptly. But I will be reading the sequel to this book. A good solid four of five stars.

Well that's all I have for now. Back off to crafting something. Have a lovely weekend

Friday, March 19, 2010

FO: Mom's earflap hat

Okay I know this is a little late but. . . This was my last finished project of 2009. This was made for my mother-in-law on request for a stocking cap like the Monkey's.

mom's hat

Patterns: I kind of blended two patterns and add a little but of extra. The two patterns that I based it on was Tiennie's earflap hats and Thorpe

Yarn: Univeral Yarn Deluxe Worsted in Onre Blue (71601) and a gray/cream color. This was leftovers from the Boy's hat and I still have more leftover.

Size: Adult large (23 inches)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Book Report #16

Again, it has seem that time has past without me. I had meant to get post up last week and never did. And this post I had meant to write yesterday and didn't. In fact I did nothing yesterday.

So okay this post could be called a month of reading but we'll stick to the weekend book report. I've gotten some reading done but not as much as normal. I'm still trying to read The Scarlet Letter. Still haven't even finished the introduction. Maybe I'll get to it after this current stash of library books. But now on to finished books:

Nauti Boy (Nauti, #1)

First off a romance novel. Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh. Again high on smut. Two stars

Marked (House of Night, #1)

Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast. This is book one of the House of Night series. This is a young adult paranormal series. It's about a girl deal with normal teenager problems and on top of that she has started to become a vampire and is forced to transfer into a different school. Was an okay read. Diffidently a book for teenagers. I will not be reading anymore if this series. Two stars.


Divisaderso by Michael Ondaatje. This is fiction novel. And well I didn't read it. I listened to it on CD on my way home from work. It is a twisting of two tales. One about two sisters and a boy that grew up together and the other about a writer. It was very interesting to listen to, but I'm not sure if I would have finished the book had I been reading it. There was a lot of jumping around from time and points of view. Good but only two and half stars.

Divine Misdemeanors (Meredith Gentry, #8)

Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton. This book eight in the Merry Gentry series. It would be an adult fantasy book. This is one of my favorite series. So my opinion is a little bias. It is about a feary princess. In this one she is helping solve a series of murders. Fair warning to those who have not read any books my this author: there is a fair amount a smut in them. Four and half stars.

The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues, #1)

The Mazes of Bones by Rick Riordan. This is the first book in The 39 Clues series. I would classify it as independent reader - spense book. In this book we meet a brother and sister who decide to take a chance at a larger inheritance. Love the concept of the book or the idea behind it. The whole National Treasure or Indian Jones type story. But I found it very lacking. I would not recommend this book at all. Not even to The Boy who is only 13. One star.

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend and the Monday was a good start to your week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where did time go!

Wow I have no idea where the past month went. We had nothing special going on. We did nothing special. But nothing bad is happening. I think spring might be on the way. Which makes me happy. I'm ready to have the windows open and go for walks at the park.

Well I just wanted to stop in and say Hi. I'm hoping to get a couple of post in, in the next few days. Well I hope you all are doing well. Have you been keeping busy? Up to anything fun? Read anything good?