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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My First Quilt

Camille and Carrie are having a My First Quilt parade and I thought that I would join in.

The above picture is the first quilt I made. I started it for the Monkey when I was pregnant with her in 2005 and I finished it in time to give it to her for Christmas 2006. It was my first attempt a quilting, the first I really had ever used a sewing machine. I had not taking any classes or had any instructions nor was I following a pattern. I self stepped my way through it using a how to quilt book from Joann's. There was another border that was planned for it but didn't make the cut. Literally. I cut the piece the wrong size.

This is the last top that I have finished and I'm still working on hand quilting it. Hopefully when the weather cools a little bit I'll feel more like working on it. The pattern is Gypsy Girl by Heather Mulder Peterson from her booklet Fat Quarter Five. This is another one for Monkey. This one will be big enough to fit on her big girl bed.

As you can see my piecing needs work. I just get to impatient and want to hurry through the project. But the one thing I've learned the most in the past couple of years is that it's okay to play with color. And it's okay for my blocks and quilts to be less traditional. And as long as I like them and they get used and loved by someone.. . . it's all okay.


  1. Hi BethAnn ~ I love them both! Both quilts are wonderful and I bet Monkey thinks so too ~ and I bet she doesn't even notice or care about the piecing. She just sees how wonderful the quilts are!

    Thank you for sharing your quilts and I look forward to seeing the latest top when you're finished quilting it! :)

  2. Sista - I remember you working on that quilt on our drive to visit the brother. I so excited that someday (SOON) I'll have my first quilt to show the world. That is thanks to your encouragement.

  3. Gypsy girl has been on my list for a couple years now, yours is lovely! It makes me want to get started. Thanks for joining in!

  4. Your quilt is beautiful. I love your fabric choices!