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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not what I was planning

Okay so what I had planned on working on the weekend was using some on these for my Sweet Pea quilt. Which in all actuality I did work on it, just not as much as I wanted. As I was sitting there stitching during a movie. The Boy, who is twelve and half, said he would like to make a quilt and do some stitching. So we looked at my quilt books, to get an idea of what he wanted. He picked out fabric out of my stash. We cut. We sewed. We ironed. He traced. He stitched. Then before I could get a picture, he packed it up to take to his mom's house. So his goal is to have the center done when he comes back in two weeks. I'm extremely tickled that he wants to do this or try this. I'm not sure if his mom and step-dad will take this project of his very well. We will see.

On the way to dropping he off at his mom's, this is what Monkey had to say about boy:

He has two mommies and two daddies and too many sisters.

Think she listens to what her big brother has to say? He's not exactly happy that he has five sisters. He loves them, but I know he was hoping for a brother in this last round of babies.

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